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India Fresh Water Scampi Prawn/ 印度淡水大头虾 U7 170-260gm/pcs Udang Galah Air Tawar - Old Mama Seafood

RM 19.20
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Import Udang Galah/Scampi to Serve Malaysia Market

Our udang galah is imported from India. India is very famous in exporting udang galah to Malaysia. We also call it Big Head Prawn in Malaysia. The famous size is U3, U5 and U10.

Why U3, U5 and U10 is the most popular sizing in Malaysia?

U3 is the biggest size, 1kg only have 2 piece, it is so big, it can be eaten by 2 to 3 people. 

U5 is the medium size, 1kg only have 4 to 5 piece, one people can eat one piece.

U10 is the smallest size is our online stoce, 1 kg have 6 to 8 piece, normally use for grill prawn.

Why other size is not suitable, we know that there are a lot of seller buying others size such as U13, U15, U20, but those size is too small, actually not much meat to eat. You buy, but cannot get the maximum satisfactory. 

Carefully selected quality Fresh Water Scampi. Nice & delicious!


  • 100% Preservatives Free / 绝无防腐
  • Origin: 产地: India
  • Glazing: 10 %
  • Packing Size: U7: 170-260gm/pcs


## We Deliver to Whole Peninsular Malaysia, But Some of The Area We Still Unable to Cover Yet.

 ## For places EXCLUDE Kuala Lumpur and Selangor , Please kindly CHAT with Us Before Placing Your Order. 

Outstation Transport Fee :

  • Minimum purchase RM150.00
  • Below RM400=RM30.00 
  • Above Rm400= Free Delivery

[[ Seafood deliver to your doorstep at WHOLESALE price ]] 

First In Malaysia, Spend RM200 and above, We Give Away 8 Benefits To You!!!

1.       Free Membership

2.       Free Shipping Within Klang Valley

3.       Discount On SeafoodExclude Promotion Items

4.       Member Special Seafood Discount Updated Every Month

5.       Lucky Draw

6.       Points

7.       Accumulate Rm500 Purchase Free 1nos Lobster or Same Value Seafood (Within 1 Month)

8.       Free 1 Year Total 12 Variety Seafood (Golden Pomfret, White Pomfret, Senangin, Grouper, Scallop, Asari etc… Depend On The Catching Of The Particular Period ) , Giving Out Every Months for 12 Months.

Can Self Collect, Packing & Transport Fee at Own Cost

Transport Fee

Kuala Lumpur and Selangor :

  • Minimum Order Rm80.00

  • Below RM200=RM15.00 
  • Above Rm200= Free Delivery


1.       自动成为会员

2.       雪隆包邮

3.       会员折扣(特价品除外)

4.       每月不停更新会员专区的海鲜爆款折扣

5.       参与抽奖

6.       每消费1元,就积1

7.       累计购满RM500元送一只龙虾或其它同等价值的海鲜 (1个月内)

8.       额外免费送您一年总计12种海鲜类,(金昌,白昌,马友,石斑,带子,花蛤啦啦,等等看当季有什么鱼或海鲜类),分12个月送。(可上门自取,包装费邮费自付)


  • 最低消费额:RM 80.00

  • 少过RM200=RM15
  • 超过RM200, 全免

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