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The Best Frozen Seafood Online Store In Malaysia

Old Mama Seafood is a online seafood store where you can buy whatever fresh and frozen seafood you need. Our seafood store will always update and add in new fresh seafood. Most part of Klang Valley seafood order today, will be delivered on the next working day. A lot of our customer had feedback that our seafood still in frozen state and very fresh. 


We freeze seafood when it is fresh in the ship

How we keep the seafood as fresh as possible? We process and freeze it directly from the ocean. When it is off the fishermen’s ship, it is taken and arranged for freezing, a signal that keeps the seafood fresh for quite a while. We guarantee our clients that seafood is as crisp as what was gotten today toward the beginning of the day and that when they serve it in their restaurants, their clients won't know the difference between what we sold and what has been caught that equivalent day.

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