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You Must Try Malaysia Steamboat!!!

Malaysia Steamboat is very famous in South East Asia. A lot of Malaysian even though the the foreigner like it very much. Steamboat allow people to gather and chi chat with each others. Steamboat basically you cook your own meal in a small pot at your own table.

Why Steamboat in Malaysia so Popular?

Malaysia like to mix different types of food into a pot. The ingredient will be served such as seafood, meat, vegetable with different kinds of soup. Soup with Steamboat is undoubtedly a fantastic choice for large groups, doubling up as not only a meal out but effectively a team building activity, whilst you delegate who cooks what. If you’re visiting Malaysia, steamboat is a must try – don’t miss this dish!  Normally best steamboat restaurant in Malaysia will serve tomyam soup, mala soup, herbal soup, tomato soup and so on.

What is the best seafood ingredients for a Steamboat

1. White Prawn & Tiger Prawn
2. Halibut Fillet
3. Toman Fillet
4. Abalone Slice
5. Kindly follow the list below, there are the best seafood for your steamboat dish

Steamboat Seafood Ingredients|火锅海鲜食材

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