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Local Farmed Frozen Tiger Prawn(100% No Chemical)/本地养殖草虾老虎虾(100%没药水)Size 16/20(700gm/pk) Udang Harimau-Old Mama Seafood

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Local 100% no chemical Tiger Prawn Was Blast freeze under low temperature up to -40 degree Celsius. It Is strongly recommend NOT to defrost the prawn and cook!

本地100% 没药水草虾老虎虾,是用低温,达到 -40 度来快速冷冻的,


The Proper step in preparing the Frozen Prawn:

  1. Boiling the water
  2. Straight away, take out from your fridge, use running water to wash until the tiger prawn separate one by one ( roughly 1 minute)
  3. Straight put the tiger prawn into the boiling water
  4. The tiger prawn will float up after it was cooked.
  5. Immediately take out the tiger prawn from the boiling water ( Over cook will result in the prawn flesh become soft or broken)
  1. 把开水煮滚
  2. 直接从冰箱拿冷冻虾出来,用自来水冲到虾与虾之间分开
  3. 直接把虾放进热水中煮
  4. 虾熟后会浮起来
  5. 快速把虾捞起(煮过时的虾会导致虾肉变软)
  6. 然后快速把虾浸在冷水( 自来水或冰水 )大概一份钟左右
  7. 可以吃了!
Carefully selected quality Local Tiger Prawn. Nice & delicious!



这种草虾,一餐一包刚刚好, 适合3个到4个人的分量!

  • 100% Preservatives Free / 绝无防腐
  • Origin: Local
  • Size: 16/20
  • Gross Weight: 1000gm/pk
  • Nett Weight: 700gm/pack 


## We Deliver to Whole Peninsular Malaysia, But Some of The Area We Still Unable to Cover Yet. 

## For places EXCLUDE Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, please kindly CHAT with Us Before Placing Your Order. 

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