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Malaysia Frozen Seafood Delivery | Seafood Online Store in Klang Valley| Fresh Seafood Delivery

Malaysia Frozen Seafood Delivery | Seafood Online Store in Klang Valley| Fresh Seafood Delivery

Fresh Seafood Delivery to your Doorstep in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Your First Choice of Seafood Online Store in Malaysia and deliver seafood you every day!

Old Mama Seafood is a online seafood store where you can buy whatever fresh and frozen seafood you need. Our seafood store will always update and add in the new fresh seafood. Most part of Klang Valley seafood order today, will be delivered on the next working day. A lot of our customer had feedback that our seafood still in frozen state and very fresh. 


One thing that we can guarantee you of is that we don't take risks when we set up our frozen seafood. The main concern that our group is how and what we can do to preserve the seafood in such a way that holds its healthy benefit and keep its fresh when it is delivering to customer in frozen. That is the reason we contract the specialists to work with us.

We freeze seafood when it is fresh from the boat

How we keep the seafood as fresh as possible? We process and freeze it directly from the ocean. When it is off the fishermen’s ship, it is taken and arranged for freezing, a signal that keeps the seafood fresh for quite a while. We guarantee our clients that seafood is as crisp as what was gotten today toward the beginning of the day and that when they serve it in their restaurants, their clients won't know the difference between what we sold and what has been caught that equivalent day. 

Simply a similar way that you purchase fish and keep it in your fridge at home for future cooking, it is a similar way that we get our fish from the ocean and afterward we freeze it and keep it prepared for our clients. When you defrost our seafood in your restaurant, it will be as fresh as the day that we put it in the cooler system directly from the ocean. This is the reason why nowadays frozen seafood is getting better compare to last time. The frozen technology is getting advance, the ship always equipped with this kind of frozen technology to keep the seafood fresh and serve it better to the customers.

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Freezing at negative 45 degree celsius

We know there are numerous seafood preservation strategies and method in the market, however just freezing seafood at - 40 degrees Celsius will leave the healthy benefit of the seafood. On a similar note, this will likewise keep the seafood as nice as the day it was caught from the ocean with the end goal that when you cook it, you won't have the option to differentiate. Freezing is likewise less expensive than numerous different techniques for seafood preservation and thusly we can have the option to move the modest costs to you, our clients. This makes the seafood that we sell here much more affordable and competitive. We installed this below 45-degree Celsius freezing technology in our fisherman’s ship, when the fish is being caught from the ocean, they will freeze it directly by using this fastest freezing technology. This is why our customer will make less complaint to our seafood products from the perspective of freshness and nutrients level. 

The most significant in frozen seafood business is the freezing innovation. That is the reason we have put resources into the best to guarantee that we keep all the seafood at below negative 45 degrees Celsius with the goal that the freshness and the flavour of seafood is secured to be opened when you defrost the seafood for cooking. 

We realize that you could too proceed to purchase from the fisherman, however at that point, you don’t know when they are coming back from the ocean and you don’t know how to guarantee the seafood they caught is keeping a proper way in the ship. Here, we make things simpler for you by bringing you what you need with the goal that you can purchase whatever fish you need under one rooftop, every one of them, in the frozen type. 


The cool room storage facility of Old Mama Seafood is one of its trademark highlights. With present day freezing innovation and temperature controlling frameworks, the cool room storage system is exceptionally helpful for safeguarding the freshness and the nutritional advantages of the prawns, shrimps, squids and other fish things.

Our cool room has sufficient space to keep the massive volumes of seafood and different shellfish for a significant stretch of time without getting them wasted. For mass storage seafood of much more noteworthy limit, Shifeng implement seafood compressor technique, for example, our 80kw impact compressor cooler which works as an enormous scale seafood freezing at one specific time. As a result, the original seafood products are available for a long time and ensure the quality of seafood is always on the top level. 

Drawing out the life of the prawns, shrimps and other seafood items is made smooth by cool room stockpiling coolers, which will keep the freshness and restore the seafood’s nutrition and secured the processing of freezing seafood.

With the assistance of these cold room system, the clients no compelling reason to stress over the nature of the prawns and their freshness, when the seafood is conveyed at the clients' place. Appropriate support of the coolers is led completely to guarantee smooth streaming of the work.

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Logistic cooling system

The logistic cooling facility in Old Mama Seafood also is one of its one of its characteristic features. With present day freezing innovation and temperature controlling system, we also install the cooling compressor into our vehicles to ensure our seafood is delivering to our customer in the most freshness condition. With our professional delivering team, our seafood is always in the freshness level and the nutrition level of seafood always can be safeguard. It meets our vision and mission of the company; always delivering the freshness and top-quality seafood to our customers. Currently we have six lorries which is delivering the seafood within the Klang Valley. What our logistic team to promise is always deliver the yesterday order can be delivered by today without delaying. Our vehicles cooling system always remain zero degree Celsius to keep the seafood frozen and not melted when arriving to our customers. Everybody knows, shrimp, prawn, squid and all kind of shellfish very sensitive to hot temperature especially Malaysia weather always hot and high temperature.

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Base on the facilities we show you as above, if you are interested in our frozen fresh seafood, kindly click the button below, to view our full list seafood.

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