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Halal Dim Sum Delivery in Kuala Lumpur | Best Dim Sum Online in Malaysia | Dim Sum Type | Dim Sum Recipe

Halal Dim Sum Delivery in Kuala Lumpur | Best Dim Sum Online in Malaysia | Dim Sum Type | Dim Sum Recipe

Dim Sum Halal is Sold and Distributed By Old Mama Seafood Now

Now you can eat halal dim sum in your own home. You can order halal dim sum online and we will deliver halal dim sum to your doorstep. We have more than 12 halal dim sum type in our seafood online store. Our halal dim sum is Jakim Certified. It can be fried or steamed. 

Halal Dim Sum Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia is a multi-ethic and multi-culture country, there are a lot of variety delicious food from difference race in Malaysia. Dim Sum is one of the traditional foods in the Chinese Cuisine. We know that our Malay friend also like to eat dim sum, however, to find a halal dim sum in Malaysia is quite difficult compare to others Chinese food. 

We had become one of the Malaysia Halal dim sum manufacturer distributors since 2009, we hope that our Malay friends can enjoy and experience the taste of our traditional Chinese cuisine – Dim Sum in Malaysia and easy for every Malaysia is can buy it via online.

halal dim sum 20.jpg

Dim Sum was developed since the year of 960, happened in Southern Dynasty Song, in this dynasty, Dim Sum was treated as a snack to serve the King of Kingdom. Slowly it expands to every single street until today.

Dim Sum normally served it in small steamer basket or on a small place. Dim sum normally will be served with a Chinese tea and together form of a full tea of brunch. Malaysian also like to serve with Malaysian local tea like Kopi oh, cham, and milo. Dim Sum traditionally are served as fully cooked, ready to serve in dishes and dim sum and served around in the restaurant.

Malaysian normally need to go hotel or dim sum restaurant only can enjoy the food. Now you no longer need to go specific restaurant to enjoy it, you can buy yourself via our website and steam it or fried it in your own home.

Old Mama Seafood always knows the market needs and their problem in buying those seafood and dim sum in Malaysia, this is the reason we always keep updated and interact with our customer to know more their needs, and find the seafood and dim sum they want.

halal dim sum 21.jpg

Most of the ingredient we make this dim sum are Chicken meat, prawn, scallop, and fish meat. The taste will the same you in restaurant. And it is still handmade in the factory. It is not machine-made dim sum, so do not worry, we will provide you the best quality dim sum to you.

halal dim sum 22.jpg

We have distributed Halal dim sum as below:

  1. Halal Dim Sum - Chicken Mai
  2. Halal Dim Sum - Chicken Sandwich Roll
  3. Halal Dim Sum – Chinese Dumpling
  4. Halal Dim Sum – Crystal Dumpling
  5. Halal Dim Sum – Delima Ball
  6. Halal Dim Sum – Pheonix Eye Dumpling
  7. Halal Dim Sum – Filament Ball
  8. Halal Dim Sum – Fish Paste
  9. Halal Dim Sum – Flower Dumpling
  10. Halal Dim Sum – Jade Dumpling
  11. Halal Dim Sum – Lion Ball
  12. Halal Dim Sum – San Kan Bal
  13. Halal Dim Sum – San Kan Chicken
  14. Halal Dim Sum – Scallop Dumpling
  15. Halal Dim Sum – Seaweed Roll
  16. Halal Dim Sum – Seen Chuk ROll
  17. Halal Dim Sum – Shanghai Dumpling
  18. Halal Dim Sum – Sharkfin Dumpling
  19. Halal Dim Sum – Shee Mei Dumpling

Shee Mei Dumpling (3).png

Chicken Mai (4).png

WS Frozen halal 2019-1.png

WS Frozen halal 2019-2.png

WS Frozen halal 2019-3.png

WS Frozen halal 2019-4.png

WS Frozen halal 2019-5.png

[Are You interested in our Halal Dim Sum?]

Base on the facilities we show you as above, if you are interested in our halal dim sum, kindly click the button below, to view our full list seafood.

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halal dim sum 9.png
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halal dim sum 7.png
halal dim sum 6.png
halal dim sum 5.png
halal dim sum 3.png
halal dim sum 4.png
halal dim sum 2.png
halal dim sum 1.png

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